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SmartSolutions Consulting, based in London, UK, is a consultancy dedicated to assisting SMEs develop their business. “SMART” stands for: Systems, Methods, and Analytic Technology. This description of our services gives our clients an understanding of how we help them. Following is a brief description of what we offer.

“SMART training solutions are designed to help our clients in the development of their business. Our dedicated service enables clients to improve their businesses by improving process and staff productivity, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Our experienced consultants will conduct an interview, review your business plan, provide you with an FSA (Financial Services Authority) approval, and then implement a SMART programme to help improve your business. Customers benefit from our expert advice and use of cutting edge technology.”

What is SMART? SMART training solutions are focused on providing training for specific job requirements, in line with UK law, for a specific job role, with a defined set of steps to achieve good performance. This is achieved through a careful assessment of your current situation and what is required to move your business forward. The assessment is done by a fully trained and experienced SMART consultant who will identify your current performance and what needs to be improved. From this analysis, a SMART training solutions package is devised to focus on your specific job role and deliver clear and concise performance improvement guidance, tailored to suit the requirements of your business. Let us know more information about SMART Training Solutions.

As part of SMART training solutions, the SMART team will then implement a pilot programme, incorporating the SMART principles into your company culture, delivering a SMART value stream across all organisations in your sector. This SMART value stream is then measured against pre-defined benchmarks, with a specific report completed at the end of each quarter. For the pilot programme, the pilot project is split across all of the organisations in the motorcycle industry. The purpose of this pilot is to determine if the SMART principles can in fact be successfully incorporated into a larger organisation and achieve the benchmarking required.

If the pilot proves successful, then full deployment of the SMART programme will commence. At each organisation’s site, SMART riders will complete a pre-study course, designated by the SMART team, which identifies the key issues for improvement, as well as defining the purpose of the study and delivery schedule. Throughout the study, detailed reports will be produced outlining the specific findings from each site. These reports will form part of the quality assurance reports that are submitted to the relevant assessing organisation, to provide further validation that the SMART principles have been successfully implemented across the entire motorcycle industry.

Once the quality assessment has been delivered, the SMART steering committee will meet to define the next steps for the delivery of SMART services. At these meetings, the steering committees will decide on the design of the SMART service, the number of sites, the delivery format, the benchmarking methodology, and reporting criteria. The results of the quality assessment will provide a valuable platform for the businesses to develop their own fully integrated smart solutions. SMART services have the potential to significantly reduce the costs of maintaining in house digital dashboards, which are often inaccurate, time consuming and inaccurate. Furthermore, SMART solutions provide a highly customized, highly responsive, user friendly dashboard that will dramatically improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the business.

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