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These two basses are played through the same amp in both clips and you can hear a pretty stout difference in tone. Aside from the nice tweak with the pickups, the rest of the electronics looks, feel, and sound the same to me. No upgraded pots as far as I can visual and sonically tell.

There were mixed reviews on how the bass feels. The bass has a smooth neck with a natural feel. The neck does not have any finish or lacquer. Reviewers reported that the neck was smooth and easy to move around on, which allows for fast action with your fretting hand. When Glarry bass guitar first came out not too long ago, they were cast aside by most as just another cheap bass.

Reviewers are not explicitly bought but they often fall to the temptation of being happy with a good bargain. Here again, an experienced person who knows what to look for will decide quickly if he got a winner or a return candidate but a beginner won’t know. If you’re a beginner and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a bass, this is a fantastic option. If you play another instrument like piano or drums and you’re just looking to pick up a bass to add to your portfolio or arrangements, this bass is an excellent option. The things that a more experienced bassists may notice are not going to be evident to a beginner or someone who plays bass as a secondary instrument. It also comes with a basic amplifier cable and several Allen wrenches that fit the bass for adjustments.

As positive reviews for the bass started to come in, a lot of people began deciding that this was something worth taking a look at. For around $70, why not give the bass a try? And as more people started buying the bass, the more positive reviews started posting, and the popularity and attention of the bass has continued to grow. I’m so proud of this company for its timely manner respond to FedEx errors, and further more fixing the damage done to my items. This is the best gift so far this year for my first buy from them.

The neck on the upgraded GP II Bass is still big and round, but it definitely feels slimmed down from the original model I was sent. Tuning is definitely better, as I can go more than a few minutes of down picking without having to adjust it. Hardware like the tuners and bridge both look and feel much better than the original, even if they are only marginal upgrades.

As demand increases, the price is sure to increase as well. If you’re unable to complete payment, please use another credit card or try with a different browser or change another network environment. If issues still remains, you can contact our customer service staff() to consult. Very good product did have a minor issue but did get a refund, sounds awesome, color on the website was a little more yellow but in person it is more orange witch i actually like more. Because of the many alternate tunings they used on a song-to-song basis, Sonic Youth needed guitars and lots of them, so they were not set up to tour without loading some cheaper guitars onto the boat.

By installing higher end electronics such as pickups and pre-amps, the bass could be easily made into a very high quality instrument…with the total cost being relatively very little. Several reviewers noted how well the bass stayed in tune. This is an important point because with cheaper basses, staying in tune is usually an issue . Several reviewers commented that the bass stayed in tune after long playing sessions. Some commented that the bass stayed in tune even after sitting idle for extended periods of time.

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