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A helmet is a kind of protective gear usually worn to protect the entire head. In simpler terms, a helmet protects the brain from penetrating impact and thus damaging the skull. The term skull is used here to refer to the entire structure, including the cranium. Ceremonial helmets without extra protective functionality can be worn by soldiers. They are also widely used by motorcyclists to protect their heads.

One important component of a helmet is its visor. A visor is a transparent covering that fits over the entire inside of the helmet, except for the eyebrows. In a way, it serves as a visor for the eyes. The visor can be closed during intense physical activity or when not required.

To date, there is no helmet that can provide complete protection to the entire head, including the face, ears, neck and chin. Helmets differ depending on the rider’s personal preference. There are two major helmet styles currently available in the market: full face helmet and half-shell helmets. Full face helmets cover the entire head, but with the front of the helmet slightly narrowed at the brow level and the jaw line for easy breathing and optimal comfort.

On the other hand, a half shell motorcycle helmet can protect only the top half of the head and may have a chin cup. Chin cup is a specially molded plastic fixture that covers the lower part of your face and prevents the wind from entering your hair and scalp. Some helmet styles are equipped with integrated mouthpiece to minimize impacts on the windpipe and windscreen. It is advisable to carefully check the regulations and requirements by riding clubs and state motor vehicle departments before purchasing a full face helmet.

There are also helmet styles that do not have any visor or chinstrap. Some motorcycle helmet brands that offer these kinds of helmets are ScorpionExo, H2 Concepts, Ironman, V-1 and Evo. Protective visor or chinstrap are usually required by law for those riders who drive in various states with stringent laws on bike helmet use. Helmet manufacturers offer some kind of helmets that have either chin bar or cheeky protector. Chin bar offers increased cheek protection that is more adequate than the vented cheek guards. Also the most sophisticated camera system is available in helmet.

It is essential to wear motorcycle helmets when riding your motorcycle. Motorcycle helmet users experience head injuries more often compared to the accidents involving automobiles. Head injuries cause more death and permanent disability than any other road accidents. helmet users need to wear a helmet every day to avoid untoward incidents such as head injuries.

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