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OkNot the best for 2v2 but Ivern and Neeko can scale into the late game to have an unkillable Neeko machine gun carry. MinorLane should be consider a free lane but sion can be quite annoying with his abilities. MinorRush Berserker boots and this lane shouldn’t be a problem. EvenIt really depends if you’re able to dodge his abilities . If you can dodge his abilties, the lane should be on your favor. EvenKennen has a very similiar playstyle as AD view it now : https://www.lolsolved.gg/Neeko/build

Shea is a mid lane main on EUW and has been a passionate League player since season 2. He’s an avid follower of LCK, EU and NA LCS. When he isn’t playing League or watching esports, you can find him on his Twitter, @Eclipselol_. Neeko tends to synergizes well with champions that can make use of her ability to lock down opponents.

Builds Page provided by Senpai shows you the best builds with highest win rates and pick rates. Simply select your build and save runes, items and spells to use in your games. According to Andrei “Meddler” Van Roon, the patch will be lowering both Neeko’s base attack damage and attack speed. Her attack speed will be significantly lowered from 3.5 percent per level to 1.5 percent. Her attack damage is changing from three percent per level to two percent. Meanwhile, her on-hit damage on her W ability is being reduced from 50 to 170 to 50 to 130.

After a short delay, Neeko leaps into the air, slowing enemies in the area and gaining a shield that increases in size based on the number of enemies within the area. Upon landing, Neeko bursts with spiritual energy, dealing a large amount of damage to to all enemies in the area stunning for 1.25 seconds. Neeko tosses a magical spiral in a straight line, rooting anything it comes in contact with. The last champion hit will be rooted for longer.

Direct damage from champions or casting a damaging spell breaks the diguise. Neeko joins the battle as the newest addition to the League of Legends roster! She is a cute half-chameleon vastaya trickster mage who is a ton of fun to play and watch. After an six month dry spell, we finally get a brand new champion, and I have to say, I don’t think we could’ve asked for more. I’m looking for ideas and to see if anyone else thinks of the dumbest stuff like I do. I used to run pure on-hit or pure AP with Neeko, but lately I’ve taken to running Black Cleaver, Kraken, Greaves, Nashor’s, Rabadon’s, and Rylai’s.

Neeko tends to network well with champions who use his ability to lock up opponents. Neeko has the highest winning percentage of any bot lane champion with an impressive 56.56 percent. People play Neeko’s on-hit builds untouched, with the champion having a ridiculous 0.14 per cent play rate in Patch 9.4.

I’ve been playing Neeko non-stop on the Public Beta Environment for the past two weeks and trying out all sorts of builds and roles. While she does have some strong qualities that could allow her to succeed as a jungler or support, I’ve found that she works best in the mid lane. My mission today is to teach you everything you need to know about The Curious Chameleon!. Probuild Stats isn’t endorsed by Riot Games and doesn’t reflect the views or opinions of Riot Games or anyone officially involved in producing or managing League of Legends. We calculated our Neeko build guidance by examining 22,383 recently ranked League games with her in them.

This counter data is for Neeko Mid in Plat+ games. The percent shown is the enemy champion’s counter rating against Neeko. People rarely played Neeko before the on-hit builds, with the champion sporting a laughable 0.14 percent playrate during Patch 9.4. During Patch 9.5, however, she skyrocketed to an impressive 3.05 percent playrate. She also had the highest winrate of any ADC champion at the time with a strong 54.56 percent. In fact, she had the highest winrate of any champion, almost reaching a 60 percent win percentage before getting micropatched.

However, there is a new build that has resurfaced which is actually pretty insane. You have the pleasure of watching others get frustrated with neeko-champions like you. The reason she gets a lot of bans is because she fulfils her potential in this build-up, so make sure you use it before she gets into the ban phase. Build ever since her release and I’m happy to finally share it to everyone who is interested on it.

OkScuffed Nunu honestly but the ganks can still be strong with Neeko since they both have a lot of CC. Ok Neeko’s twin is not the best but can still win the 2v2s in the early if both play it correctly. NoneGragas Ultimate can sometimes really troll Neeko’s abilities since it pushes them away. LowNot the best synergize champ to gank for neeko but it can work out. OkEarly game kayn can be a little rough for the 2v2, But once has Kayn has Blue or Red it should be easier to fight/synergize with Neeko.

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