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Drop us an email at with your CV and a few lines about yourself so we can get to know you better, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Revising English articles for any mistakes, editing them for a native English audience. You can create other job alerts, edit the current ones or deactivate them from Settings / Notifications. Save this search, and we will notify you when there are new jobs that match your criteria. Ankorstore is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace dedicated to promoting diversity.

By making sure to choose the correct type and amount of keywords relevant to your business, I ensure high Google position for your website. They’re quick to respond, have a keen eye for detail and are a great assets to the quality of our marketing department. Copywriting is salesmanship, not just writing clever words. Junior Copywriter jobs in Europe are part of the Media industry. Freelance Copywriter jobs in Europe are part of the Media industry.

I’m also a bicultural German speaker, here to help your business grow. As well as Junior Copywriter jobs in Europe, you can find Marketing, Digital Marketing, Editorial, amongst many others. There are 295 Junior Copywriter jobs within 10 miles of Europe available on Totaljobs right now. As well as Freelance Copywriter jobs in Europe, you can find Marketing, Digital Marketing, Editorial, amongst many others.

This exciting and challenging position will include investigating and writing about key situations in the drug development space. This is a highly demanding but extremely rewarding job for journalists who are driven to dig into the science and unveil the truth. As an english copywriter, I analyzed hundreds ofwebsites in English. Regardless of what market they were in and what topics they concerned, many of them had the same problem – poor vocabulary, lack of a thought-out marketing strategy or even blatant language errors. It is these deficiencies that disqualify many online businesses from the start.

If you want your online store, website, blog or social channel to be of interest to customers, do not make the same mistakes. Use the services of a professionalEnglish-language copywriterand gain confidence that the image of your online business is secure. Invest in professionalcopywriting in Englishand be sure that your website isoptimized for SEO, attractive and refined in terms of marketing. My texts have been used in Australian, Dutch, British and global markets. Thanks to this, I know what consumers are guided by when deciding to buy a given product or remain a website.

You have a native English background, or experiences through which you acquired outstanding native English writing skills. You have a sharp eye for detail, strong organizational skills and you enjoy the freedom of managing your own time. Grammar mistakes make your toes curl, and you’re able to rapidly analyze articles and different topics, products, and services to adapt to the context of an article. Thanks to your great interest in technology, online services and software, you are also proficient in MS Office, and have basic experience with image editing and HTML. Your higher education was preferably in communications, teaching English, or a journalism related discipline. Another important aspect of my business as acopywriter writing in Englishandcontent writer in Englishis the optimization of all content for SEO.

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