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We continue to visit the Acropolis stood on the hill now known as Monte Smith and consists of the Temple of Apollo built in the 3rd century BC. Get a beautiful photos from here as the panoramic view of the city and the sea will take your breath away. Finally we will have a walking tour at the streets of Rhodes Medieval town and & the amazing Palace of Grand Master of the Knights. Butterflies are resting here…The moths cannot eat during this final phase of their life cycle, so they rest here to conserve energy. Any loud noise would force them to fly away, thereby consuming valuable energy.

De Villeneure, on the foundations of another Byzantine fortress that did not manage to survive the repeated Arab-Persian attacks from the 7th century and on. The location was named Rio Pelecano, Pelican Gorge, since the valley’s former name was Pelekanos. The facilities were abandoned and neglected during the period of British administration on the island. After the Dodecanese Islands were incorporated into Greece , the valley came to be managed by the Greek National Tourism Organisation. It was renamed Valley of Butterflies and became widely known after being featured in films of that era. Pawling, New York Rainbow’s End Butterfly Farm This whimsically unique butterfly farm focuses solely on creating habitats for the gentle insects. Check this link https://rhodesoldtown.gr/ to know more about it.

This museum is located at the very entrance of the Valley of Butterflies. You can learn many things about the butterflies, and watch the exhibits of the endemic and rare species of the broader area of the Valley. This nature reserve is on 600 acres of land and opens to visitors from 9 am to 5 pm daily during the summer. Is the village of Fanes, just west of Soroni, with a picturesque harbour and a flat isolated beach with tamarisk trees for some natural shade. Rhodestravelguide.gr is the complete travel guide of Rhodes island. It contains all information about beaches, attractions, activities, transportation and all you need to know about exploring Rhodes island.

We will have a panoramic city tour in Rhodes includes Italian builds of Rhodes with deep architectural legacy, the old Post Office of Rhodes, one of the most beautiful building in Rhodes and much more. Our next stop will be at the magnificent schmetterlingstal rhodos a beautiful natural park, where each year thousands of butterflies appear. Walk around and enjoy the natural beauty and sounds that will enchant you. Visit the Natural History Museum and the little Monastery “Virgin of Kalopetra”.

In April, these eggs produce the small larva, which is transformed into a chrysalis caterpillar, and in May, they achieve their final shape of a butterfly. When it turns hot, usually at the beginning of June, they leave their locale and migrate during the night until they reach the valley where they stay until the end of September. Butterflies are attracted by the smell of the resin of Styrax trees as well as the coolness and humidity of the surroundings. During the raining seasons, butterflies stay in the caterpillars, in various areas around the Mediterranean Sea. However, in spring, when they get out of their caterpillar and become a full butterfly, they fly to areas of high humidity in order to reproduce.

Taste some refined island wine, sample traditional Rhodian sweets, take a refreshing drive inland and marvel less known sights. Most important, meet local people that love this land and carry excellently its culture and traditions. Each summer, thousands of colorful butterflies congregate in the humid Petaloudes Valley, earning it the nickname Valley of the Butterflies. It’s one of the island’s most remarkable natural attractions, where you’ll find several species of the winged beauties, as well as the only natural Oriental Sweetgum forest in Europe. Visitors of Butterfly Valley can look forward to witnessing the spectacular phenomenon that rarely occurs in nature. There are large numbers of butterflies that congregate in the small valley during the last stage of their life cycle.

That is why they come to this valley, which is crossed by river Pelekanos and many waterfalls are scattered all along it. Over the years, the valley of butterflies has turned into a popular tourist attraction. The valley basically serves as the resting place for the butterflies. This is because they cannot consume food during their life cycle’s final phase so they just take a rest in order to conserve their energy.

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