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Adaptive cruise control maintains the speed and the set distance to the vehicle ahead. Always reach your destination on time and avoid all obstructions along the way by receiving the latest traffic news on accidents, tailbacks and roadworks in your infotainment system, so you can respond instantly. The navigation also factors in this data and dynamically finds the best route. Maximum ease and convenience are our watchwords even if your car breaks down. Pressing a button on the roof module connects you to a Roadside Assistance Call Centre. The car also automatically sends data about its position and condition to the call centre so that you can quickly resolve the issue with the operator or have your car towed.

Some cars like Golf MK7, Seat Leon, Seat Ateca, Skoda Octavia, Skoda Kodiaq, Transporter T6.1 and others comes with Front Assist Radar but without ACC. We can retrofit and Adaptive Cruise Control Retrofit in our workshop. Only if there was a sportsline with these as optional features I would have bought it already .

Btw Compass and Superb unless you absolutely need higher GC and 4×4 abilty of Jeep, Superb is a no brainer. From the time i took TD of Superb it felt a lot more luxurious and fun to drive. If you are looking for a car north of 30L it has to feel special and put a smile to your face which Superb does very well. The Company’s principal business activities are the development, production and sale of Škoda cars, components, genuine parts and accessories, and the provision of servicing.

When ACC is activated, the vehicle automatically brakes and accelerates to a speed and distance set by the driver. The dynamics of the ACC system can be individually varied by selecting one of the driving programs from the Driving Mode Selection. The radar cruise control keeps the vehicle at a chosen distance from the car in front, mostly accelerating and braking automatically. The Skoda Adaptive Cruise Control automatically keeps a sufficient distance from vehicles moving ahead (max. 160 km/h or 210 km/h), dynamically, depending on the movement of the vehicles ahead or on a driver-defined safety distance. Besides the speed, the driver can also progressively configure the distance as well as the dynamics of the control on the operating lever of the steering wheel.

This feature can significantly ease life in many situations, for example when you forget to lock the car or want to let somebody else inside. It allows you to lock or unlock your vehicle through the Škoda Connect Portal or Škoda Connect App. With Service Scheduling, you no longer have to fret about when to book another service.

Unlikely there will be an actual DVSA safety critical recall with the DVLA giving VW UK / Skoda all registered keepers contact details. They will do a Voluntary Recall which is just a Recall action as usual with even Approved Used Skoda for sale at Dealerships being missed. There are vloggers / journalist running Skoda’s that have commented on the software including a member from briskoda. But Haymarket media group so Autocar / What Car, or Heycar / honest John are not going to say much. Not with their contracts with VW on advertising or Heycars ownership by VW group and Daimler.

Control your car’s auxiliary heating from anywhere in the world via the Škoda Connect App for your smartphone. When you’ve been on a trip and you’re about to set off home, for example, activate your heater beforehand to warm up the car. Besides activation itself, you can also set a departure time and choose between heating and ventilation.

The driver is informed of this by an LED signal on the inner edge of the wing mirror housings. ACC technology is regarded as a key component of future generations of intelligent cars. The technology enhances passenger safety and convenience as well as increasing road capacity by maintaining optimal separation between vehicles and reducing driver errors. Vehicles with autonomous cruise control are considered a Level 1 autonomous car, as defined by SAE International. When combined with another driver assist feature such as lane centering, the vehicle is considered a Level 2 autonomous car.

I know of people who had tried and failed, wasn’t aware of any success in turning it off… Yea that was my initial thoughts, but if I do that then I end up getting lots of 12v battery low warnings, cause the battery only seems to last a few minutes. Granted most of my journeys are around 15 minutes so the battery doesn’t have a lot of time to charge as work isn’t far from home, but is more than a reasonable walking distance. That’s the main thing I’ve experienced, the garage has been amazing and transparent about the issue, really impressed with them.

Vehicles with Partial cruise control cuts off and turns off below a set minimum speed, requiring driver intervention. This feature can sense slow or stopped traffic ahead and urgently apply the brakes if the driver fails to respond. ACC allows you to spend less energy maintaining your following distance with the cars in front of you. You should use this opportunity to pay more attention to the traffic mix, including cars ahead of you and in adjacent lanes. Not only maintains your set speed, but your following distance as well; provides some limited braking. In terms of safety, all variants get ESP, traction control, multi-collision braking, brake disc wiping, alongside ABS with EBD and dual airbags.

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