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Brighten up your workspace with small desk plants that don’t need sunlight. The resilient ZZ plant and cute little succulents are perfect for adding a touch of green to your desk. Our indoor plant collection also has indoor plants to purify air around your apartment. If you are looking for indoor plants with flowers to adorn your apartment, then Peace lily and Anthurium can be great picks. You will find a huge variety of plants that are meant to stay indoors on this website. Get home these beauties at quite an affordable cost and decorate the green corner of your home.

However, we recommend potting the plant in a more decorative container and lining the bottom with rocks to facilitate better drainage. If you decide to repot the plant entirely, be sure to use a pot that’s large enough to give your plant room to grow. Understanding the level of natural light your home recieves is crucial as certain plants require more natural light than others. If you live in an apartment or home that doesn’t receive a lot of light, that’s okay! We carry a wide selection of low-light Kamerplanten kopen that thrive in dimmer settings. Horti’s starter kits and curated plant collection give you a head start on building your own indoor nursery without losing confidence.

First and foremost, they are a gift that keeps on giving, as they bring life and beauty to any space. They can add a touch of greenery to a home, office, or garden, and have been shown to have numerous physical and mental health benefits, such as improving air quality and reducing stress. In addition to their practical and aesthetic benefits, potted plants are also relatively low maintenance and easy to care for.

These potted plants have an inherent quality of cleansing the air and removing harmful toxins and pests. If your mom has a green thumb and loves planting trees, then FlowerAura is the perfect choice to find the best mothers day plants, which you can send her on Mother’s Day. Find potted plants online that are easy to maintain and require less attention and care, such as succulents. You can easily purchase indoor air purifying green plants or decorative ones for home online from FlowerAura.

Easy on pockets, they not only convert carbon dioxide to oxygen giving you some fresh air but also add a touch of elegance to your home’s overall beauty. Home plants grow within the house or office spaces conveniently when supplied with enough water and exposed to required amounts of sunlight. They also bring along positive vibes, creating a pleasant ambiance indoors.

At FlowerAura, we also ensure that you take the surprise to another level with our flexible delivery schedules and midnight plant online deliveries. Though Urban Stems may be best known for their flower delivery service, they also sell an assortment of houseplants, including air plants, succulent, cacti and green plant varieties. Many plants are available for next day delivery so you’ll be tending to your new houseplant almost immediately. If you have never owned an indoor plant, the house plants for sale at Lively Roots provide superb for first-time plant parents.

In addition to shopping their selection of pet-friendly and low-maintenance plants, you can filter Bloomscape’s inventory by price, size and lighting requirements. They offer convenient gift options, and have a Last Chance section where select houseplants are priced at 20% off. Our plants are healthy, vibrant, and ready to be planted in your favorite pot upon delivery. Follow our simple and clear maintenance instructions to keep your indoor plants thriving for years to come! If you’re not sure which house plant will thrive in your home or where you live, contact our nursery experts today and they will be able to guide you in the right direction. Tropical plants may sound exotic, but they’re actually quite easy to grow.

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