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Electric heating has come a long way from the storage heaters of the 1970s – and now it’s ready for the internet age. With WiFi-enabled electric radiators, you can adjust your heating from an app or by using a simple voice command. When it comes to energy saving electric heaters, an infrared heater will save more money if you compare the two directly.

We’ll also explain what the difference is between a radiator and heater , so you have more clarity when shopping for an eco-friendly solution. Several factors influence the effectiveness of your heating system, therefore estimating your consumption and costs can be challenging. It’s important to ensure you choose the most energy-efficient radiator for your space. Infrared remote control Delivering complete control over your heating, our remote controls are easy to use with infrared communication and compact keypads. It’s simple to program you Rointe Kyros or Sygma from the comfort of your sofa. Remote controls only compatible with Rointe Kyros and Sygma radiators.

They can use more energy than the convection heaters above, but the heat can be directed where you want it and, as long as you use the thermostat wisely, they don’t have to be too expensive to run. I left the VonHaus to do its thing and returned to the medium-sized room an hour later to find it uniformly toasty and comfortable. The key to keeping running costs low is judicious use of the thermostat. As soon as the room is at the right temperature, turn the dial down until you hear the radiator click off.

The Arlec comes with digital timer display, remote control and multiple heating modes . This quality electric radiator can be installed by wall mounting… This depends on many variables, but there could be a chance that even the best high efficiency electric radiators wall mounted in your home with central heating might not be as valuable as a storage heater.

Furnaces and Boilers Most Americans heat their homes with a furnace or boiler, and high-efficiency models of all types of furnaces and boilers are available. Talking of high-end choices… Cotswolds-based Everhot, chief rival to Aga, have just launched a miniature stove that we must include given that it’s the most Telegraph electric heater imaginable. There are certainly cheaper equivalents (the Philips 3-in-1 is £250), but the quick room-heating power of Dyson’s famous air-multiplier tehcnology makes this a justifiable high-end choice. At low speed it’s quiet enough to use in a bedroom and in a hot summer, the cooler function is very welcome at night. I had been expecting it to radiate heat from its panel, but it rises from the grille behind it just like any other space heater. It took 20 minutes to notice any warmth from the other side of the room, but after that it rose steadily.

If you’re looking for electric radiators to replace storage heaters, it’s a good idea to discuss your project with a professional electrician. They’ll need to disconnect all of your storage heaters from the mains and fit your radiators. Before you make the switch, you’ll also need to call your electricity supplier to discuss coming off your economy tariff and moving to a standard tariff that’s right for your needs. They can then inform you of the process and make any changes to your electric meter as necessary. Electric radiators are a fantastic forward-looking heating solution because they run equally well whether your electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels or by harnessing sustainable resources.

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