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We will give you the best value for your money, from one dental implant to a complete dental arch over four implants (all-on-4). As an expat, taking out a dental insurance in Spain is a matter of saving money and having smooth and quick access to dental care professionals when in need without unending waiting lists. Some of our patients have wanted to leave a recorded testimony of their experience with our dentistas en gijon clinic, thanks to them you can get an idea of ​​what to expect from treatment in our clinics. It’s a good place to stay if you want a combination of beaches, nature and culture.

Read more about this process in our guide togetting dental implants, including All-on-4 “teeth in a day”. The cost of dental implants in Spain makes them an attractive alternative to getting the work done in the US. As you’ll see in the table below, you might be able to save around $1600 per implant. You could also save hundreds of dollars getting your dental crowns in Spain.

The golden age of package holidays may well be long-gone, but millions still travel to Spain each year. The Mediterranean region of mainland Southern Spain and the Balearic and Canary Islands are still as popular as ever. Low-cost air travel and online bookings entice visitors to new cities and regions, providing a different experience for visitors wanting to see and feel The Real Spain. Dental emergencies, in any of the dental clinics contracted with Cigna.

For example, if both parents come from a country that does not automatically award nationality by blood. In these cases, Spain operates under article 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human rights, which dictates that every human being is entitled to a nationality. Spanish law follows the concept of Ius sanguinis before applying the concept of Ius soli .

To find the nearest hospital, check the Spanish health ministry website. When applying for a residency card as a family member of an EU citizen. You’ll find many ways to network, socialize, and make new friends. Attend online and in-person events that bring global minds together. Our team of experts is ready to help you find a home abroad, move your household goods, and settle into your new country. Work situation and prospects of recently graduated dentists in the Netherlands.

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