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While face rollers have been around for a while, ice rollers are having a moment in 2020. From afar, it’s easy to assume that both beauty tools do the same job–depuffing and cooling tired skin. After just a couple times of using the product I noticed that my bags under my eyes went down, the redness and puffiness of my skin has calmed. I use the roller every night before bed after my face is cleansed. I can just sit and I am able to just relax myself using this treatment. It’s also great for those mornings where you didn’t have enough sleep the night before, and you now have those giant eye bags under your eyes that everyone will notice.

Here’s another dual-ended skin ice roller that’s optimized for the entire face (or just your under-eyes) that’s marked down for 33 percent off. Plus, if you’re in a rush, you don’t even need to put the tool in the freezer to reap all of its cooling benefits—though it definitely doesn’t hurt. A jade roller, however, can come in different sizes with dual ends, making it great for massaging all areas of your face, especially when applying serums.

She now writes for numerous print and digital outlets, appears on television as a beauty and lifestyle expert, and consults with beauty brands. She holds a BA in Journalism and English from New York University. When she’s not writing about all things beauty, you can find her organizing her beauty closet, watching anything and everything on Bravo, or spending time with her beloved rescue dog, George. 3 Take the roller head from freezer and install with the handle.

It soothes my puffiness with the cold but Bearable feeling. It sounds pretty amazing, but are the skin-care results legit? Essentially, this massaging action helps to flush out excess fluid, which is what results in a temporary contouring effect, she adds. The benefits of an ice-roller include de-puffing skin, soothing inflammation and soreness, and giving your face a more even massage than you could get with your fingers. And, because you can easily grab one from the fridge or freezer and massage it over your skin, you can quickly turn your skincare routine into a self-care moment. If you do deal with headaches or sore muscles, keep this in the freezer at all times to grab whenever you need it.

Ultimately, you really can roll whenever you want with a few exceptions. It should also be off-limits during recovery after any type of surgery that leaves a wound. If healing tissue is moved, the wound-edges are less likely to align properly and scarring can be worsened, she adds.

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