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For the Basic plan, you need to pay $299, while the Gold and Premium plans are priced at $499 and $999, respectively. The plans are quite expensive compared to other providers and on top of that, the vendor does not entertain any refund requests. The Pterodactyl Forex Robot evaluates the strength of a particular trend and calculates the best time to enter the market based on retracements. Once a retracement is observed it plots fractal set ups and trades them for you automatically. Say hello to the fully automated version of our popular…

Trade with Pat is legit, he is giving free signal on his Telegram and I’m following them with full confidence and ending being profitable. My new fave also is his 1 min scalping strategy that I’m trying to master. I found Pat from his YouTube channel that I believed helped a lot of beginners in trading. Using VIP robot nation signals as a newbie and I am loving it. Your videos are really helpful and the charts you provide. Analysis is good, support is good, and telegram works perfectly to get me the signals on time.

With that said, I risk a lot and when the trades reverse, I have lost a lot as well. I ran in demo for a long period and found that demo is not the same as live when it comes to brokers. Using Paxforex, I have been able to achieve success with Robotron. One has to find the right broker, run a demo for a month before going live.

forex robotron uses a fixed “safety” stop loss which is not always hit as the indicators used will usually close the trade for a win or loss before hand. This has the advantage that you do not actually lose the full risk per trade, so you will actually lose less than expected some of the time. Forex Robotron will usually close out a trade using the built in indicators as this allows for a more flexible and less rigid approach to trading. Forex Robotron EA is designed for trading on EURUSD and GBPUSD currency pairs. You can trade with as little as $50 on a micro account. We suggest to open real live account with the broker above, because the shown results come from them.

If you are looking for a forex robot to ease your trading experience, you are in for a challenge. There are hundreds of products on the market, and finding the right one for you could be as hard as finding a needle in a stack of hay. Luckily, Acorn 2 Oak can give you a hand in your decision-making process. Under one place, you can find comprehensive information on types of forex robots and compare products and prices. FRN is one of the best bots and signal provider I have used. There results are legit and the settings they offer are easy to follow…

Some traders avoid leaving positions before the forex market closes on Friday just in case of large weekend gaps which can cause greater losses than usual. Trading during the forex market open on sunday can also lead to larger spreads and unfavourable trading conditions. Forex Robotron can be used by any level of trader whatever your experience as it is fully automated. You just need the MT4 trading platform and a forex broker account.

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