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She finally connects with a compassionate teacher, Mr. Falker, who sets her on the path to reading and teaches her how to see her gifts. Not all books about disabilities need to be contemporary stories! In this fairy tale-like story, the only daughter of the emperor in Peking is born blind. Hwei Ming’s father feels great sadness at his daughter’s blindness and he promises a reward to anyone who can bring her sight. Many men come to try, but they all fail to help Hwei Ming see. One day, an old man with a mystical seeing stick enters the city gates.

Created by photographer Graham Miller, this collection of black and white photographs shares the experiences—some heartwarming, some painful—of eight families that include a member with Down syndrome. Miller shares more about this project in this interview. Parents will learn about the physiological reasons behind delays in gross motor development in children with Down syndrome. More than 400 photos with step-by-step instructions provide a physical development plan for children up to age 6, including skills for head control, sitting, using stairs, riding a tricycle, and more. Sixteen-year-old Rosie (who has Down’s syndrome) is devastated when circumstances separate her from boyfriend Jack (who has some brain injury-related anger management issues). An absorbing read with a powerful and convincing affection at its centre. check it out

It’s a journey full of fear, sadness, joy, and ultimately, transformation. Sign up to our newsletters full of updates, activities, ways to support us and fun ideas to inspire children to read. In the UK, theDown’s Syndrome Association also coordinate a full awareness week.

At school, Iris finds a connection to Blue 55, a whale who is called the loneliest whale in the world because his song is at a different hertz than other whales. She uses her compassionate heart, intelligence, and tinkering skills to write and record a whale song that Blue 55 will hear to know that he’s not alone. Even though she sends the song to the research station tracking Blue 55, Iris wants to see him for herself. She and her grandmother, who is also Deaf, sneak off without Iris’ parents’ permission on a cruise to the Alaskan research station.

So what is Pablo Cartaya’s connection to Down syndrome? All that I know is that he writes in the Acknowledgments, “To the countless individuals with special needs, especially those who I’ve come to know well at Our Pride Academy. This story is part of a HuffPost Parents project called “I See Me,” a series for parents and kids on the power of representation. We know how important it is for kids to see people who look like them on the biggest stages, including politics, sports, entertainment and beyond.

Children’s books about disabilities to introduce tough topics to other children and adults. Musical theater kids, get ready for your next favorite book filled with singing, theater puns, and inclusivity. Nat, a thirteen-year-old girl in a chair, moves to a new town where she auditions for her favorite musical, Wicked telling her parents. She thinks that Nessa is her perfect role since Nessa is also in a chair. The group of kids also involved in the musical are welcoming and accepting.

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