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Depending on the level of safety you need, we can provide unarmed or armed Executive Protection Agents, drivers, and specialists to keep you safe.We specialize in providing Executive Protection services Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland. An Executive Protection Specialist means any individual who engages in the duties of providing close protection from bodily harm to any person. Landing a position as an Executive Protection professional will require some relevant experience. Many Protection specialists come from a military or law enforcement background and have experience handling difficult situations with learned knowledge on how to avoid them.

This is achieved through covert protection methods, protective surveillance, and counter surveillance. It allows the client to conduct business-as-usual while also providing a high level of protection. Because every client has unique needs, we offer executive protection services in several flexible formats without sacrificing the high quality of agents and services for which Hyperion has earned its unmatched reputation. We can also provide security surveys and risk assessments of your situation.This will include a detailed threat analysis, consultation and of course our comprehensive solutions. Our executive protection service is always professional, and always private and discreet. While there is some overlap in responsibilities, an Executive Protection Agent should not be mistaken for a bodyguard.

Executive protection is a proactive security consulting solution with the objective of preventing harm or loss to the client by threats in the physical environment. EP agents take extra steps to ensure a client is safe through a diverse set of additional disciplines incorporated into their duties. Not only are they providing protection services, but they also conduct all the advance work, surveillance / counter surveillance, coordination of logistics, and driver duties if needed.

We will also handle any security threat to your family, staff, and other parties. An executive security officer goes through comprehensive training and possesses more skills than a bodyguard. They can handle any security situation and protect the client at all costs.

This association included many leading trainers, practitioners, and academicians in the security industry. Some of the networking initiated through the academy is manifested in the pages of this text. The class was a unique arrangement; in those days we didn’t have online learning. Creative scheduling like Dr. Bottom had engineered was not the norm. The class offerings and schedule concept were a fantastic way of meeting the needs of the learner, the security industry, and the university.

Corporate Finance and Restructuring Comprehensive investment banking, corporate finance, restructuring and insolvency services to investors, asset managers, companies and lenders. Comprehensive investment banking, corporate finance, restructuring and insolvency services to investors, asset managers, companies and lenders. Join our team of more than 120,000 professionals around the world. There are always great opportunities for the best security talent to join GardaWorld and grow professionally.

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