Welcome to the Northwest Training Range Complex EIS/OEIS Website


Welcome to the Navy’s official Web site for the Northwest Training Range Complex Northwest Training Range Complex Environmental Impact Statement/Overseas Environmental Impact Statement (EIS/OEIS). This EIS/OEIS examines the potential environmental effects of the Navy’s proposal for future range management operations and activities. The Northwest Training Range Complex Northwest Training Range Complex consists of numerous individual training areas in the Pacific Northwest.  The range complex extends westward in the Pacific Ocean (to 250 nautical miles [nm] beyond the coast of Washington, Oregon, and Northern California) and east to Idaho. 

Surfaced Submarine

Northwest Training Range Complex Training

The Northwest Training Range Complex is the principal range for aviation, surface, submarine, and special warfare units based in Washington State. The range includes marine waters off the coasts of Washington, Oregon, and Northern California.

Navy F/A-18F

Environmental Stewardship

The Navy manages its land, air, and sea ranges, facilities, and natural resources as integrated training range complexes to be able to meet its current and future requirements while protecting natural and cultural resources and minimizing effects to the environment.

As responsible environmental stewards, the U.S. Navy is concerned about the potential effects of its operations on the environment and is committed to complying with all applicable federal laws, regulations and policies. The Navy spends millions of dollars each year on research to better understand the potential effects of its activities on the environment to help ensure that Navy policy and compliance are based on real science.

Navy Aircraft Carrier

The Navy Wants Your Input

Public involvement is a fundamental part of the EIS/OEIS development and the Navy wants and appreciates your comments. The Navy has established several venues and informational resource areas for the public to learn more and provide input.

Locations and times of scoping meetings.

Comments will be accepted via mail, fax, and the project web site. All comments should be submitted no later than September 29, 2007, for consideration in the Draft EIS/OEIS.

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